CA&E 315 Progress

We have made good progress on our 101 year old interurban recently.

The anti-climber was recently separated from the bumper, cleaning out the decades of corrosion between the two.

Month Year: 
July, 2010

Making pinion stew

Our Johnstown 355 had worn pinion gears. All four pinion gears were replaced with less effort than was originally anticipated, once the tricks were discovered.

After the removal of the old gear, the new pinion was boiled in hot water to expand it. The enlarged gear would then slide over the tapered shaft with ease. Matt looks over the "cooking" pinion gear.

Month Year: 
March, 2010

Caboose Renovation

Calling all woodworkers! The Central of Georgia Caboose entered the shop late in 2009 for renovation. Volunteers use this vehicle as a bunkhouse for overnight stays.

Volunteers began the removal of the rotten plywood siding in February.

Month Year: 
February, 2010