Pole Replacement Progress

April through August, 2005

The careful reader may have noticed mention of pole replacements done this year, but no explanation of who did them. We were holding off on the story, hoping for the big pole replacement blitz to occur. The story is that Valley Rural Electric Cooperative of Huntingdon is very generously allowing area employees to use company trucks on their own time to install new poles for us and remove the old. This saves us about $300 per pole! We are also purchasing poles via the non-profit cooperative, getting a better grade of poles for about 1/2 what we had been paying. This tremendously generous community service should have our overhead into good shape within the next two years, for a fraction of the originally anticipated cost. Please extend a round of applause to the hard-working volunteers of VREC and their open-minded management!

VREC personnel load new poles to be placed elsewhere on the grounds.

Month Year: 
August, 2005