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1925, January The Red Arrow center door cars can operate as two car trains to increase the load capacity.
1924, June A builder’s photo of York #162, a sister to York #163 in 1924.

When compared to other photos of # 163 it shows the differences that were made these cars were modernized by the York Railways.

1923, December Valley Railways #12 Derails

Accidents do happen and trolleys did derail occasionally, but overall had a very safe operating record. This is the only known photograph of Valley Railways #12 and unfortunately the car has derailed.

1922, January After originally constructed in 1922, car # 311 operated as car #14 in Bangor, Maine.
1919, March Philadelphia Rapid Transit Freight Car F-24

Sister car to the musuem's D-39.

Courtesy Philadelphia Rapid Transit Inventory Photos.

Photo date March 2, 1919.

1912, June Philadelphia Rapid Transit Ash Car P-14

Sister car to the musuem's D-39.

Courtesy Philadelphia Rapid Transit Inventory Photos.

Photo ca. 1912.

1911, December Rockhill Trolley Museum Photo Sweeper #3 when it was new and posed with workmen on predecessor company Mason City & Clear Lake Railroad Company

Note the fancy trimwork painted on the sides. Also note the repeater gong had not yet been installed, nor a permanent headlight. The pole is not in its base, probably because the car shipped without it. Unfortunately, no date or photographer noted, but the photo likely dates near to the year it was built: 1911.

1910, June Scranton Transit Sweeper #107 in a rare Chicago view.

Scranton Transit #107 is a one of a kind snow sweeper, originally constructed as #99 for the Chicago Joliet Electric Railway in 1910.

1909, December As built in 1909, CA&E #314 was lettered for the Aurora Elgin & Chicago Railroad.

Today, musuem car #315 is being restored to this condition as closely as possible.

1904, January Oporto #249 Builders Photograph

As built in 1904, car #249 had open platforms and was actually constructed as a trailer car, having no electric traction motors or controls.

1899, June Sweeper #09 was constructed with open Sweeper #09 was constructed with open platforms.

It surely was a cold job for motormen to operate the car in a snowstorm and keep the tracks clear of snow.