COG RR X-39 Caboose

Work week produces many results

June 28-July 3, 2003:

A week of effort from various committed volunteers produced lots of results. After fine tuning the platform concrete at Black Log Narrows, the crew turned their attention to construction of overhead wire for the "pocket track", or siding at the BLN terminal.

Here, a volunteer on our caboose roof studies alignment of the wire frog at the junction of the pocket track and main.

Month Year: 
July, 2003

Overhead repair

November 30, 2003:

RTM volunteers used the X-39 caboose and Aerial Bucket Car to perform quick repairs on overhead in the vicinity of Car Barn 1. Things were cleared up and ready for Polar Express and Santa's Trolley operations the following weekend.

Month Year: 
November, 2003

Liquid overhaul

December 5, 2003:

Our Central of Georgia caboose X-39 received a long-overdue liquid overhaul inside a heated plastic workspace. The caboose, which is used as a bunkhouse, has its original plywood exterior, which does not tolerate neglect very well.

Month Year: 
December, 2003