Johnstown #355

When Pumpkins Invade!!!

October 20, 2007

It was a busy weekend at the museum as it held its third annual Pumpkin Patch Trolley Event. The pumpkin colored trolleys, York 163 and Johnstown 355, were the stars of the weekend.

Before their journey, visitors were greeted by "Mr Pumpkin" at the Meadow Street platform.

Photo: Joel S

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October, 2007

Brass in pocket

January 14, 2006

Work by our contractor on restoring our Johnstown trolley #355 is progressing very quickly. That's requiring us to come through with a variety of restored subcomponents for the car. The project manager assembled a gang of volunteers in his basement, fed them pizza , and ordered them to polish brass window frames all afternoon or they would be sent to Ebensburg in January.

Our infamous father/daughter team seem to be enjoying themselves.

Month Year: 
January, 2006

355 is Moving Standing Still

February 3, 2006

The pace of our contract restoration of Johnstown trolley #355 seems to be accelerating and much progress has been made recently. Among many smaller tasks, contractor Lyons Industries of Ebensburg has completed installation of new steel side sheeting, created and installed new steel window posts, replaced wood and steel floor joists, installed all new airbrake piping, put in new power wiring, and applied a new canvas roof. The car exterior will soon be painted.

We are very pleased with the progress being made and offer thanks both to Lyons and their employees, and to our own volunteers who are still restoring wood, mechanical, and electrical components, plus managing the project and performing inspection and thankless recordkeeping tasks. We are tremendously excited at the prospect of having this great car back and in service soon!

An overall view shows the new steel sheeting applied to the car.

Photos: J Salomon

Month Year: 
February, 2006