Liberty Liner

1996 In Review

In 1996, Louis Buehler donated shop equipment, which was moved to the museum from his basement workshop.

The museum purchased 5000 feet of copper overhead wire. Poles were donated for the Carbarn Two yard, and we built one track turnout at Carbarn Two, as well as track four.

RTM volunteers repainted the EBT M-7 diesel as part of our ongoing assistance in maintaining the East Broad Top RR's internal combustion equipment.

We moved the Liberty Liner inside Carbarn Two.

Month Year: 
December, 1996

1995 In Review

1995 saw JTC 355's trucks completely rebuilt and delivered to museum.

Louis Buehler was honored for his efforts on behalf of the museum.

We improved the Museum Store.

The west switch at Altoff siding was rebuilt.

We installed new boom hoist gear on Burro crane.

New boarding steps were built for Bullet car and Liberty Liner.

We replaced seventy-five ties on the mainline and removed third rail from north leg of EBT wye track.

We installed overhead wire troughs on Carbarn Two tracks two and three.

Month Year: 
December, 1995