Oporto #172

Polar Bear Express

Our holiday events, Polar Bear Express and Santa’s Trolley were popular and there were trolleys and lights to be seen everywhere. An all day snowfall on Santa’s Trolley made for pretty pictures.

Two trolleys are ready to go at Carbarn Two.

Month Year: 
December, 2009

Up on the Roof...

July 30, 2005

Although car 172 has been back in service for some time, its roof never received its final coat of paint. Volunteers have now cleaned the roof and applied the paint.

Volunteers swarm all over 172 in order to get it painted quickly and back into service.

Month Year: 
July, 2005

Members' Day Celebrations

August 14, 2005

If you are a regular reader, you know that Oporto trolley #172 has received an immense amount of work over the past several years. Though the car has been back in service for some time, it wasn't until Members' Day this year that we held an official celebration for its return to service.

The ceremony also celebrated completion of our new public restroom facilities, but we were unable to take them for a ride to Black Log Narrows!

172 pauses at Black Log Narrows terminal.

Month Year: 
August, 2005

A volunteer puts finishing touches (i.e. gloss black paint) onto a pole base from our parts warehouse which was disassembled, inspected, and cleaned for use on #172.

We haven't forgotten about Oporto #172, still undergoing repairs off site. We are working on cleaning and repainting parts for the car, as well as preparing replacement components for some of its mechanicals.

Month Year: 
March, 2004

New steps for Oporto 172

May 1, 2004

Oporto trolley 172 will return soon with new wheels and axles, and our volunteers are preparing for its reassembly by making and repairing various pieces.

In this view, woodworkers assemble new wooden steps made for car 172.

Month Year: 
May, 2004

Look, Ma, no pole!

May 16, 2004

Trolley 172 returned to our museum last week, with new wheels and axles, a rebuilt truck, and reconditioned motors. We now need to complete its airbrake repiping, reassemble steps and hardware, and reinstall its air compressor (rebuilt some time ago). It also needs a helluva bath! It has taken quite a few years, but when all of this work is complete, 172 will be much more reliable than it has in years, and should be in regular public service.

Single-truck car 172 is pushed into Buehler Shop, demonstrating that its new wheels, gears, motors, and axles actually do turn as intended.

Month Year: 
May, 2004

172 more likely to stop

May 30, 2004

The airbrake system of trolley 172 has been almost completely replaced. As part of that work, the brake cylinder was cleaned and serviced. Worn and damaged piston parts were replaced with new items machined in our very own shop from 'space-age polymers'. Sometimes we really like space-age polymers!

A volunteer reinstalls the brake cylinder and connects air piping to it.

Month Year: 
May, 2004