Oporto #172

#172 project expanded

January 25, 2003:

The project to replace one wheelset of Oporto car #172 has been expanded so that both wheelsets will be replaced by a contractor, and other truck and motor work may be done at the same time.

Volunteers are braving the cold weather, preparing the car by removing steps, the people catcher, and other items.

Month Year: 
January, 2003

#172 pole base overhaul

March 8, 2003:

As part of expanded work on #172, the pole base was removed for an overhaul, as its bearings are badly worn. Here, a volunteer learns about the inner workings of a pole base, and what happens when a pole base is not properly maintained for many years.

Month Year: 
March, 2003

Oporto #172 takes a trip by superhighway

April 14, 2003:

After several delays due to winter weather and mechanical difficulties, #172 has finally been moved to Lyons Repair of Ebensburg, where it will receive new wheels and axles, and have its rebuilt traction motor installed. Expect to see this neat single-truck, semi-convertible car back in service this summer.

Chuck K supplied the pic, but notice he did not get an NS train descending to Horseshoe Curve into the background...

Month Year: 
April, 2003

#172 Pipefitting proceeds

September 21, 2003:

Volunteers have been learning another useful set of skills, figuring out how to use a new hydraulic pipe bender to fabricate new trainline piping for #172's airbrakes. All piping is being replaced with US made galvanized pipe and fittings, to ensure as long a life as possible.

Month Year: 
September, 2003

New #172 Piping installed

October 4, 2003:

Not looking particularly impressive on the shop floor, this new airbrake piping nevertheless represents many hours of volunteer labor. It will pay off by making the car safer, more durable, and easier to maintain in the future.

Month Year: 
October, 2003