Oporto #172

A tape measure illustrates new tread width of #172's wheels, a full 3.5 inches!

This wider tread will help the car ride more smoothly and safely on our open (non-street) trackage. The wheels were forged by McKees Rocks Forgings near Pittsburgh and the axles are completely new. The bull gears are "new-old-stock" from our collection, and were re-bored to correctly fit the new axles.

Month Year: 
October, 2003

Oporto #172 wheelwork update

October 4, 2003:

An RTM volunteer models two shiny new wheelsets ready to go under #172 when truck and motor work is completed in the near future.

The contractor's work on 172 is nearing completion, with the second motor finished, the wheelsets complete, and much of the truck frame repair complete.

Month Year: 
October, 2003

Basic restoration

November 8, 2003:

While #172 is still away, we have been preparing many items which will be needed upon its return. Step castings and other parts have been repaired, grit blasted, and primed.

A shop volunteer learns about the US-13 pole base while rebuilding one for use on the car. We expect to soon have new springs made for several pole base styles in use on our fleet.

Month Year: 
November, 2003

Motor Returns for Trolley #172

June, 2001: The traction motor for #172, which was removed last year for rebuilding, has been returned to us. A new commutator was fabricated, several new windings were made and installed, and all windings were baked and revarnished. Reinstallation of the motor is awaiting construction of a new, improved hydraulic pit-jack.

Month Year: 
June, 2001