P&W "Bullet" #205

Spring Maintenance

April 12, 2003:

Spring is also a time for very important maintenance and inspection of our equipment, to assure safe and trouble-free operation during the season. Bullet car #205 is receiving attention to its air equipment, and here a volunteer works to overhaul an air pressure switch used in the "deadman" controls.

Month Year: 
April, 2003

No streaking, please!

May 10, 2003:

Windows of Bullet car 205 gets attention from the Operations department during Car Cleanup Day. The Bullet has been receiving mechanical attention recently, and is (hopefully) growing closer to receiving well-deserved cosmetic attention.

Month Year: 
May, 2003

1995 In Review

1995 saw JTC 355's trucks completely rebuilt and delivered to museum.

Louis Buehler was honored for his efforts on behalf of the museum.

We improved the Museum Store.

The west switch at Altoff siding was rebuilt.

We installed new boom hoist gear on Burro crane.

New boarding steps were built for Bullet car and Liberty Liner.

We replaced seventy-five ties on the mainline and removed third rail from north leg of EBT wye track.

We installed overhead wire troughs on Carbarn Two tracks two and three.

Month Year: 
December, 1995

1991 In Review

We built the dual gauge switch off the mainline for Carbarn Two, as well as the three track turnouts and tracks two and three.

Then we moved the first trolleys on rail inside.

The museum hosted the ARM convention.

We installed trolley poles on freight motor 402 and Bullet car 205 from Philadelphia.

We acquired the Bobcat loader.

Red Arrow center door car 61 was moved to museum from member Don Pharo’s farm in Bethlehem.

Harrisburg car 710 and Hagerstown & Frederick 5 were put on trucks and moved indoors with 61 and Philadelphia Bridge car 1009.

Month Year: 
January, 1991

1990 In Review

In 1990, we cleared the Carbarn Two site of trees, graded and built the 80x200' building.

We performed minor woodwork on, painted and restored the headlights on plow 10.

We acquired and received the International stakebody truck and Conrail caboose (ex Pennsylvania RR).

We built the east switch at Altoff siding and extended the Old Shop track beside Buehler Shop.

Valley Railways car 12 was moved to become the first trolley inside Carbarn Two, and freight motor 402 and Bullet car 205 moved to museum from Philadelphia.

Month Year: 
January, 1990