Valley Railways #12

At Long Last, New Trucks For The Oldest Passenger Trolley In Our Collection, Valley Railways #12

Rockhill Trolley Musuem Photo

Recently the museum took delivery of a set of 27F trucks that will be used for the restoration of our 1895 Valley Railways car body #12. These trucks were acquired as part of the snowsweeper trade that our museum participated in earlier this year.

Receiving these trucks ends a decades long search for finding and acquiring these specialized trucks for the oldest passenger trolley in the museum collection.

Of course the search for other parts needed for the restoration of the car will continue, but we have acquired the largest parts needed with these trucks. We do have an air compressor and controllers for the eventual restoration of the car.

The Valley car #12 was acquired in 1985 and was used as a summer home near Plainfield PA for many years until the museum discovered the car and acquired it.

See the #12 Roster Page for more history and photos.

Month Year: 
September, 2012

1997 In Review

Open trolley 1875 entered the shop in February, 1997.

We planted Carbarn Two overhead poles and built an 18x200' warehouse addition to the carbarn.

Dedicated member Moe Byers passed away.

Valley Railways car 12 was placed on modified shop trucks for the first time in 74 years.

Concrete ramps were built at Museum Store and Members' Building.

One truck from Philadelphia PCC 2743 was regauged.

We de-accessed cars 1430 and Red Arrow 13 from the collection to National Capital Trolley Museum in Wheaton, MD, and an individual in Charlotte, NC.

The Carbarn Two parts addition concrete floor was poured, and the Meadow St. platform was rebuilt in concrete and lights were added.

Month Year: 
December, 1997

1990 In Review

In 1990, we cleared the Carbarn Two site of trees, graded and built the 80x200' building.

We performed minor woodwork on, painted and restored the headlights on plow 10.

We acquired and received the International stakebody truck and Conrail caboose (ex Pennsylvania RR).

We built the east switch at Altoff siding and extended the Old Shop track beside Buehler Shop.

Valley Railways car 12 was moved to become the first trolley inside Carbarn Two, and freight motor 402 and Bullet car 205 moved to museum from Philadelphia.

Month Year: 
January, 1990