Historical Images

Here are some images of our cars throughout history. Click on any image for a larger version. Choose different cars from the drop-down list to see a particular car's historical photos.

while the car was operating on Germantown Ave.

This is the last year this car would be operated by SEPTA.

Volunteers follow closely behind the wheels with wooden trigs. Should something happen, it would be nice if the car did not roll alway and get lost among other derelict equipment.

Rockhill Trolley Museum Photo

This series of interurban cars originally had a door in the side of the car to separate a smoking section. Photo by H. Goldsmith, Photo Collection of Seashore Trolley Museum.

It is the second car of the train shown inbound from Wynnewood Rd.

Photo date: February 24, 1941.

This 1960's color scheme was one of many livery designs to grace this car.

Here a car is in the shop being prepared for painting. Photo by Paul Marton, August 13, 1993.