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Rockhill Trolley Museum Proceeding With Acquisition of San Diego Trolley U2 Light Rail Vehicle

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Rockhill Trolley Museum is happy to announce its plans to acquire a 1981 vintage Light Rail Vehicle, a U2 Light Rail Vehicle formerly used in San Diego, California on a system popularly known as the San Diego Trolley, to make its collection more relevant to younger generations.

The acquisition of this vehicle would not be possible without the support of UTCRAS ( of Morton, Pennsylvania.

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April, 2013

Boom Goes the Truck

December 9, 2005

After many months of searching, we are pleased to announce that we have closed a deal to acquire a knuckle boom truck to supplement our fleet of equipment for maintenance and repair. The truck is a 1981 GMC Brigadier chassis with a Detroit Diesel 6-71 engine. It has an IMT folding crane, air compressor, tool boxes, torch bottle racks, and 16 foot bed. The truck had been driven from Tennessee and traded in to Curry Supply Co., a reputable builder of custom service trucks about an hour west of our museum. We expect this new item to quickly become an indispensable tool.

Our new boom truck should be on the property after the holidays.

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December, 2005