Car Preservation & Restoration

Here are some images of our car acquisition, preservation and restoration activities. Choose different cars from the drop-down list to see a particular car's restoration photos. Most of the time, clicking on an image will result in a larger version being displayed.

It shows off freshly-machined grade 8 bolts modified on our Bridgeport vertical mill!

Badly damaged posts must be cut out and new T steel MIG welded in place.

The missing window sill between them will also be repaired.

September 29, 2005

Although Johnstown 355 is being restored off-site by a contractor, we are required to supply many reconditioned components. One example is the air compressor. Both the air and electric portions have been overhauled, supported in part by a generous grant from the NRHS.

A view of the armature and field windings overhauled by nearby Huntingdon Electric Motor Service.

September 29, 2005

Restoring and maintaining trolley cars is rewarding and fun, but it's also lots of work. We are constantly looking for new volunteers to learn new skills while helping us operate and improve our museum.

Our newest restoration volunteer works to remove glass from the old upper window sashes of 311.

July 30, 2005

Although car 172 has been back in service for some time, its roof never received its final coat of paint. Volunteers have now cleaned the roof and applied the paint.

Volunteers swarm all over 172 in order to get it painted quickly and back into service.

July 24, 2005

Philly Bullet Car 205 has not been operated too much this year, as it tends to shoot our electric bill in the foot. But we are trying to find time to work on this rare car.

Restoration volunteers confer on a strategy for repairing rotten flooring in the platforms of 205.

June 26, 2005

Although Johnstown 355 is away undergoing restoration, work on its parts in our shop has not stopped. While it's away, our volunteers are obligated to complete restoration of virtually all of its air and electrical equipment, supplying them to the restoration shop as needed for reinstallation.

JTC 355's brake cylinder is open and ready for cleaning and repair.

May 8, 2005

Consider yourself forewarned: the new paint colors for our Johnstown cars may make you hanker for a frozen confection. Since we will no longer be offering creamsicles in the Museum Store this season, you may wish to bring your own...

A view of Johnstown 311 illustrates new cream and orange livery which will be on the car when it returns to service.

April 30, 2005

Get ready for a surprise when Johnstown 311 rolls out of the shop! It's going to feature a cream colored paint quite different from its old paint or that used by other museums with Johnstown cars. We haven't chosen the color arbitrarily, rather it's the result of close investigation of old layers of paint on the car and never-used doors straight from the JTC warehouse. One thing is for sure, the car will look a lot different!

A painter primes the new letterboard of 311, just above areas with the new cream paint.