Car Preservation & Restoration

Here are some images of our car acquisition, preservation and restoration activities. Choose different cars from the drop-down list to see a particular car's restoration photos. Most of the time, clicking on an image will result in a larger version being displayed.

Judy is working at removing the tacks from the canvas of CA&E 315 while Keith and Joel work on removing the pole bases and roof boards.

...the pole bases were lowered to the floor of the shop.

During 1998, we completed a major cosmetic restoration of one of our most popular cars, #1875. The green it wore previously has been replaced by a bright yellow and cream scheme, reminiscent of colors of Conestoga Traction Co. of Lancaster County, PA.

In the spring of 1998, the car looked much different! Its new and unpainted dash (the curved front panel) lies to the right on the floor. In the lower left corner is the standard gauge truck being assembled to regauge PCC #2743.

In April of 1998, we completed a major project to change the wheel spacing of Philadelphia "PCC" trolley #2743.

Because Philly uses broad-gauge track, with the rails farther apart than the standard-gauge we use, the car could not be run until this project was completed.

During the winter of 1997-8, the second truck was removed for rebuilding to standard gauge, and separated into its wheelsets and the truck frame.

The axles fit between the vertical posts at each corner.

The wheels shown here are now the front axle of PCC #2743.

Photo by Joel Salomon (c) 1998