York #163

Polar Bear Express

Our holiday events, Polar Bear Express and Santa’s Trolley were popular and there were trolleys and lights to be seen everywhere. An all day snowfall on Santa’s Trolley made for pretty pictures.

Two trolleys are ready to go at Carbarn Two.

Month Year: 
December, 2009

Operations Might Mean More Than Running Trolleys

May 7, 2006

Operations volunteers are stretched thin keeping our demonstration railroad staffed during the season. But--because other departments are staffed just as marginally--it's necessary for Operations personnel to help out with tasks like car cleaning to keep our historic trolleys looking their best for the public. A little pride in our appearance goes a long way!

If you are interested in training as an Operator, or even just spending a relaxed day making our cars look better, please contact us.

The Operations Chairman sets a good example by washing (filthy!) glass lamp shades from York 163.

Month Year: 
May, 2006

Down by the Sea...

July 30, 2005

For some reason, trolley cars just do not stay clean. Maybe it's the seagulls... Regardless, we sure could use new volunteers interested in keeping our collection attractive for the public.

A volunteer swabs the decks of York #163.

Month Year: 
July, 2005

Some call it a Fiasco

May 29, 2004

One of the problems with operating historic trolley cars is that the darn things are old, and sometimes old things break down. York #163 is the case in point here: just in time for the start of operations, the line switch which controls main power to the car decided to fail. A team of volunteers quickly installed a manual breaker to keep the car in operation, while another volunteer replaced the faulty electromagnet coil. The unit was replaced the next day, with no interruption of service for the public.

Month Year: 
May, 2004